Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Toronto Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake Review

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake came to Toronto 2 months ago,
Of course there's a hype around it, 
and of course, whenever there is a hype, 
I would be there.

I went there during a Saturday around 5pm,
and I waited 2hrs in the line while it's raining.
There was no chaos in the line up, 
people were chatting and a couple in front of me offered me an extra umbrella.

Once I got inside, the place is really small, 
it's basically a hallway turned into a U shaped lineup.
It's an open kitchen, 
so customers can see what's going on in the kitchen.

I waited another 40mins while I was inside,
because they could only make 6 cheesecakes at a time.
I believe they purposely generated the lineup
 in order to create a hype around the cheesecakes,
because I didn't see all the ovens were occupied.

I really wanted to try the Angel Hat,
but they didn't have it.
The "cash oonly" is very annoying,
a lot of people had to go get cash.
The place is very clean and simple,
employees were smiling and chatting quietly among each other.
Only one cheese cake per customer, 
so if you want to buy one for you and your friend,
better ask people in the lineup, 
try to ask couples if they can help you buy one. 


The cheesecake is good, 
very different from the western cheesecake.
The texture is similar to a sponge cake,
fluffy and light, not too sweet.
You can almost taste the egg whites, in the good way.
The size is perfect for two people. 
I do think it's worth the wait?
simple because the hype will die out eventually, 
same as all the Tetsu's cheesecake around the world.
The Tetsu's counters in Shanghai are basically empty,
customers can pick up any cake without waiting in line.
If you really want to try a Japanese cheesecake, 
just go to TNT supermarket, 
they sell something very similar to Tetsu's cheesecake.
That's all for me today,
until next time

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