Thursday, 21 February 2013

burberry makeup haul

This is my first time purchasing burberry cosmetic
When burberry just came out with their cosmetic line few years back
I was very skeptical abt it
thought they wouldn't b any good
but i saw many youtube reviews on burberry cosmetics recently
and the reviews are very positive
so decided to give it a try
I purchased three items
two lip products and one cheek product
the packaging of all these three products are very fancy
all comes with the burberry signature checker in every possible way
This is a burberry blush
The colour is light glow
It's very natural pink colour
The pigmentation is fantastic
Very easy to blend 
and the blush is very creamy
and it stays on the cheek for the whole day
It gives this very natural look on the cheek

I recently turned into a lipstick junkie
Even tho I don't know if the words "lipstick junkie" fit me 
cuz all my girlfriends have way more lipsticks than I do
but I am definitely becoming a lipstick junkie
the packaging of burberry lipstick is very unique and pretty
so that's why I got it at the first place
The lipstick tube and lipstick itself both have the signature checker
the cap and the tube have magnet to keep it closed
the texture of the lipstick is not sticky 
but the colour stays on for a long time
the colour I got is called honey suckle

The last item I purchased is a lip gloss
I don't own many lip gloss
I think this colour is from the 2013 S/S line
It's very bright raspberry pinkish colour
It's called pink sweet pea
I think this is perfect for the spring and summer
sometimes I add this on top of my lipsticks
gives a bit shine on my lips
This is very moisturize 
I absolutely love this lip gloss

The sales associate at burberry counter gave me three samples
She is not the most generous sales associate
anyways she gave me two of the same lip mist 
and one sheer concealer sample

I am very happy with what I bought 
I have tried all the three products that I'd purchased
I enjoy using them so far
until next time

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

long weekend outfit

Last weekend was long weekend
I didn't do anything special
just the usual
running errand etc
so I don't usually wear heels 
when I am out getting things done
i find myself move faster if I am in flats
but it's so cold in toronto
so I always wear boots when I am at school or on a normal day I guess
So this is what I wore
as usually 
I was wearing the SLY coat which I got as a gift from my mom
and with Louis Vuitton Stephan Sprouse leopard stole
My red jeans is from Current Elliot
I got it at Las Vegas during my xmas break
It was on sale for $70 USD
the regular price was $200ish USD
I love love this red current elliot jeans
cuz during winter 
I wear lots dark colours
so this add a bit colour to my outfit 
and it's so comfy 
also I think I can wear this pair of jeans all year around
since the shade of this red is not too dark or too light
the boots I was wearing is from Roots
it's called W roll over boot tribe in the colour Africa
I try not to wear ugg anymore
because personally I think they are so ugly 
but I was a ugg fan before
I used to just wear ugg for a whole winter
anyways I wore those thick socks from roots with my boots
the bag I was using is from Celine
small phantom black croc embossed leather

source is from official Roots website
The white silk tank with blue stripe is from Sandro
I don't buy lots sweaters
Usually I shop for summer cloth and wear it with a cardigan 

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend
This week going to be my reading week
besides the studying
I am gonna go to montreal for a few days
until next time

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine's day outfit

My first fashion related post
this is what I wore on valentine's day
actually on feb 15th
Cuz on feb 14th, 
my boyfriend Mr.D had to go out of town 
so we moved our dinner to the next day
This is my favourite coat this year
My mom got it for me 
It's by a japanese brand called SYL
This coat is oversized 
The stole is from Louis Vuitton 
It's called Stephan Sprouse Leopard stole
I love love this stole
It literally goes with any outfit
The jeans is from J BRAND 
Skinny Leg in the color Noir blue

I guess this year's valentine's day outfit is kinda boring 
I was really busy with some other stuffs 
so didn't have the time and energy to put together a "valentine's day appropriate outfit"
a black pointelle loose fit sweater with a purple tank top inside
a long necklace 
skinny jeans
so my whole outfit was very dark 
so I decided to wear a pair of eye catching shoes
so I chose 
Manolo blahnik Hangisi Satin Pump
So the bag of the day is from 
Roger Vivier
It's called Prismick bag
I wore it like a clutch on valentine's day
Just hide the straps in the bag to make it into a clutch
source:picture is from Roger Vivier Official Web

My arm candies
I don't really take off my three silver bracelets from Tiffany
I usually just add on top of them
On the left is my Hermes Caleche bracelet
it's a simple black bracelet with gold rim
and on the right is my Michael Kors Rose Golden Oversized Chronography Watch
People make fun of me for wearing a huge watch 
but I love everything oversized 

Until next time

Friday, 15 February 2013

Julep Maven February 2013 IT GIRL

 I got my Julep Maven february box today
Frankly, I am not excited at all
I was going to skip february box
because I just don't think Julep nail polish quality is good 
but Julep is giving an extra top coat 
I don't have any top coat nail polish
so that's why I got the february box
I love the packaging for this month
It's gold and black
I usually save all these wrapping papers 
so that I can use it to re-wrap or use it as stuffings
By the way, I got the IT GIRL edition

These are the colors I got for this month

The first one is this ultra light grey color with a bit shimmer in it
It's called rebel

second one is this dark green color with tiny white shimmers 
It's called Marion

The last one is this red color with tiny white shimmers in it
it's called Joan

Now on to the bonus items
First one is the top coat
It comes in this black nail polish bottle

second bonus item is a eyelash curler
I am very excited to try this
not sure if it will work well with my eye lashes

Even tho the theme of this month is "award show"
but there is still a tiny bit valentines day in the box
Julep included a hear shaped chocolate 
I am very happy to see that Julep tries to expand their products toward beauty and makeups
However I don't think I am going to get march box 
cuz the texture of julep nail polish is very "watery"
and the applicator is small 
it's hard to apply
Until next time

IPSY February 2013

I am always looking forward to receive my IPSY bag
It's for sure one of my favourite subscription box 
Even tho it doesn't always have high end brands
but I always find that the samples are pretty good 
in terms of the size, and the performance on my skin
This month I received 5 products, including one full size product

First product is the Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer
This sample is 15ml
so pretty decent size
I used this primer today
I don't want to pass judgement yet
however so far this primer works every well
It's a light beige color
very moisturizing
I was so happy to see the lash card from my box
I am the girl who always get mascaras on the eye lid
I will find this very useful
There are 4 lash cards in it
Probably it will last me a very long time
I don't think it's necessary to threw away the card after a few uses


The third product that i received is a mascara from Pop Beauty
the color is smoky black
the applicator is big, which I like
I used this mascara this morning
It works pretty well,
but it's not one of the best mascaras that i have tried
This mascara gives a natural look,
which means that it separate the lashes
give a bit of length 
but definitely can't achieve "false lash" look
I probably gonna use this only for my lower lashes from now on

This is a gel eyeliner from MICA Beauty Cosmetics
I heard some youtube makeup guru talked abt it
However I dont think I am gonna use this anytime soon
cuz I am still obsessed with my urban decay 24/7 eye glide pencil
and I don't like to use gel eyeliner anymore
I believe this is a full size product

This is the cutest eye shadows ever!!!!
It's from coastal scents
I have never tried their products before
but since the colors are so pretty 
I am sure it will work well with my other eye shadows  
Even tho this is a tiny sample,
but eye shadows, a lil goes a long way
so probably it will last me for a while
I absolutely love this cosmetic bag
it's patent black leather
The inside is red with ipsy logo on it
I am so thankful that the ipsy logo is inside this time
I find this cosmetic bag is very simple and chic
can't wait to use it

So these are the products from my IPSY february 2013 bag
I really like the products I had received
Until next time