Monday, 13 May 2013

Topbox May 2013

I received this last friday
I usually receive my topbox pretty early,
since it is shipped from toronto and i live in toronto
I chose the mask box
but got the radom box instead

Benefit Cosmetics-Porefessional
Topbox had a benefit prive box in feb
the Porefessional was in the prive box
I guess these are the left overs from the benefit prive box
I have never tried porefessonal before
so very happy to receive this
the packaging for this sample is so cute
and the size is good

Lise Watier- Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer
I really like this lip gloss
I actually used it 
This sample size is perfect 
I usually use small bags in summer
so this size fits very well in my small bags 
and the color is like a raspberry colour
great for summer
This lip gloss is not sticky
don't feel like i have put anything on my lips
however it doesn't stay on my lips for long
colour will fade within 2 or 3 hrs
however I dont mind it,
since it's such a joy to reapply
Cuccio Colour-Nail Lacquer
This is the only full size product 
I don't often receive full size product from topbox
I have never heard of this brand before
Seems like a Italian brand
The color is nice
a light pink colour
Yaby-Eyeshadow Refill
I received Yaby eyeshadows from Ipsy before
I do own a free style palette 
So I can put this lil eye shadow in it
I don't mind receiving sample eyeshadows
because this will last me forever 
and the color I can actually use everyday
Overall I am okay with May Topbox
for sure I have seen better ones
but I don't dislike it
Hopefully next month will be better
until next time

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Beauty Box 5 April 2013

I usually receive my bb5 box at the end of the month
so got this after I came back from vacation
a good mixture of samples and full size products

La Fresh-Instant Body Smoother
I tried La Fresh products before
So far their products have not disappointed me yet
I don't really take care of my body 
in the sense of doing scrub or buying good body lotions
so this body wipe will definitely come handy
Model Co- Illusion Lip Enhancer kit
I am not sure if it's a full size product
but it seems like it
it's just a nude lip liner 
I don't have many lip liners
so very happy to receive one
and I heard good things about Model Co
This lip liner comes with a sharpener as well
very unique idea

Jean Pierre Cosmetics-Oil Absorbing Tissue
This is a full size product
50 sheets
I don't use oil absorbing sheet
however I did try it few times
and I am happy with the result
my makeups didn't get smudged 
and the sheet doesn't break 
so far so good
Minxxette Brush Hanger
don't know what to think of this 
I probably not gonna use this
so I will just give it to my friend
Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow
The color is called birthday suit
It's a matte brown color
I love matte color eyeshadows
I think it would be a good base color
Overall I am happy with april bb5
I can use everything I got except the brush hanger
Until next time

IPSY April 2013

I am back
April was a busy month for me
with exams and vacation
anyways..this is what I got for april ipsy 
three full size products and one sample size
Bigsexyhair Powder Play 
Volumizing&Texturizing Powder
I received mybigsexyhair sample from Ipsy before
It was a hair spray,
it didn't impress me too much
The idea of hair powder is very interesting
never tried it before
Be A Bombshell Cosmetics-Sweet Cheeks Blush
I guess this is a full size product
The packaging reminds me of MAC packaging
There is no shimmer in this blush
The color is a coral pink 
I really like this blush

Two Cosmetics-Heartache duo eyeshadow
I never heard of this brand before
I believe this is a full size item as well
The color is pink
half side is matte pink and the other half side is pink with shimmer
Sation Nail Lacquer for IPSY- Love at First Byte
This is another full size product
I have never heard of Sation 
The color is very nice for the spring
It will go with lots of outfits
I will definitely give it a try 

Lastly lets talk about the cosmetic bag
actually I really like this cosmetic bag
probably my favourite IPSY cosmetic bag so far
there is no logo on the outside of the bag
very simple and chic

Overall I am really really happy with April IPSY 
not only I got 3 full size products,
also I can actually use all of the products.
all the products are very impressive 
I can't wait to try them all
until next time