Sunday, 30 December 2012

Julep Maven Mystery Wristlet

I received my julep mystery wristlet during mid december,
the contents were very very disappointing, 
also I was busy wit exams,
so I was not eager to write this review at all.
Right after I purchased this mystery wristlet, 
the mystery clutch came out, 
I regretted sooooo much for the purchase of the mystery wristlet!
Also I didn't know there's a mystery box later on,
if i have known, 
i wound NOT purchase this mystery wristlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The box came with some red stuffings
and the black leather wristlet..
the box is not even filled up!
the least Julep could do is to fill the box with red stuffings!!!!
I received 3 nail polishes and one cuticle oil.
I hate the three color I got..
two of them are very sheer,
I don't like sheer nail polish at all!
Also the quality of these three nail polishes are very watery!
I don't like watery nail polishes!
also I hate black nail polishes!!
the only thing I like is the cuticle oil,
i dont have lots hand products,
so i am happy to get the cuticle oil.
I put the cuticle oil in my make up bag,
i take it wherever i go,
so it's easier to apply it when i have nothing to do
from top to bottom: cuticle oil, brit, emmanuelle,renee

The black wristlet is not bad,
it's pretty actually
black leather with gold zipper.
It seems it's good quality,
but i am not sure
cuz I have not used it yet
it does have a bad smell,
a bad leather smell!!
so overall, 
I am not happy with this mystery wristlet
because it's my first time getting it
if the nail polishes in the future is still watery
i probability would cancel my subscription with julep maven
Until next time

Saturday, 29 December 2012

loose button luxe box winter canada edition

My luxe box winter edition came around mid december
I was busy with exams,
so didn't have the time to do a review
sorry for the delay!!!!!!!!!

everything i got for my luxe box
When I opened the box,
I was very excited and happy,
because the box seems full.
The products were all in a very pretty dust bag,
so it made the luxe box look very chic
and I expected good good products
but I have to say it's all downhill from here,
since the contents are not impressive at all!!!!!!

I only received two full size products.
They are both by loose button.
The two full size products are the Kabuki Brush and the faux eye lashes
I have not used these products yet

The next three products are from B. Kamins Laboratories
first one is the bb cream.
It is a very generous size..0.5oz
at least the bottle seems it has large amount of products

Second and third products from B. Kamins are the lip balm and eye cream
the eye cream is 0.21oz and the lip balm is 0.13oz
Also I got two hair products
I love to receive hair products, 
I am really cheap when it comes to hair products,
so it's nice to try it out first before buy it
The Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide is the only sample that I have tried already from this box
even tho it has so lil product in this sample, 
but I used for 7 or 8 days

The second hair product is by Marc Anthony
Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion
I am also really happy to receive this product too
I am learning how to curl my hair recently,
so it can definitely be useful for me
Also this sample is big,
I thought it was a full size product, 
but the product card indicate otherwise
The last item I received it's a perfume by Calvin Klein
the name is Euphoria
This perfume is a definitely a deluxe size.
I took it with me when I was at Vegas for a week, 
I used it everyday,
and I still havn't finished it yet
however the smell of this perfume is too mature for me
it reminds me of old lady smells
There are different versions of luxe box for the winter edition
I have to say that I got the worst one
I love the version that comes with the prada lotion 
oh well...
I will do a review on these products whenever I have used them
until next time

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


my first ipsy bag!!!!
i was so excited when i finally got my ipsy bag!
and i am very happy with all the goodies inside

The package came with 3 cards
First one is abt gift subscriptions
Second one is the collaboration with just fab
"ipsyfab" is the promo code for $20 I guess
and the last card just has all the descriptions of all the goodies

I like dec make up bag
it doesn't have any plastic smell..

First time in this bag is the bombshell lip gloss
the color is called hot mess
the color is very red, bright and pretty

I was so happy that I got the urban decay 24/7 glide eye pencil
i heard so many good things abt it
can't wait to try it

This mirabella primer sample is a very generous size
really happy that I received it

I love to receive eye shadows 
because i never buy it
I usually get my eye shadows from whatever make up brand that's doing promotion with free gift
or i just get samples
This NYX loose pearl eye shadow is a very generous size as well

This paper highlighter looks very interesting
cant wait to try it!
overall i am really happy with december ipsy bag
i can actually use all the goodies
and i am very impressed by it
i might do a review on all these goodies after i use them
cant wait til jan ipsy bag comes

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Eos lip balm

I found eos lip balms at Costco
The set comes with 4 different colours
I decided to get them cuz it's cheap
It's around $11
The good things abt eos lip balms:
- organic
- cute packaging
- contains more content than traditional lip
- easier to find in a big bag/purse
- pleasant smell
Overall the miniaturization of the product is average. It doesn't do anything special to the lip. I only recommend this lip balm because it's cheap. 11dollars for 4 at Costco. 
Until next time

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Maldives Chaaya Lagoon Hakura

It's so cold in Toronto right now, 
I really wanna go to somewhere warm,
but I have school, it's final exam period..
I am taking a study break from studying,
so I decided to write my first review!
Maldives is a place that I always wanted to go...
So back in June..dream finally came true!
There are hundreds of islands in Maldives, 
and one resort per Island.
It took me such a lonnnnnggg time decide where island I should visit..
I did so much research on different island, 
but it made me even more confused..
So I just found a travel agent and told her to find me a 4/5 star resort wit all inclusive package
food and drinks can be SUPER expensive in these Maldives island,
because there is no agriculture in Maldives, 
everything is imported to the island from elsewhere..
So my travel agent offered me a week stay at Hakuraa island
The resort on Hakuraa is called Chaaya Lagoon
I had to take a seaplane from the airport to the island...
the seaplane ride is around 45mins

There are 70 water bungalows and 10 beach bungalows
Usually there is less water bungalows and more beach bungalows
I stayed in both during my visit
I dont recommend the beach bungalows on Hakuraa,
because there is nothing special about it

I guess the only good thing abt the beach bungalows is that it's closer to the beach?!
I LOVED my water bungalows,
it's absolutely STUNNING!!!
There is a square glass floor in the middle of the living room..
I find it really unique.

 a balcony comes with the water bungalow,
a ladder is attached to the balcony..
so visitors can go into the water

Only one buffet restaurant and one bar 
food is not so bad, or so great..
around 3pm, there is afternoon snacks in the bar..

Chaaya Lagoon resort offers different kind of dinner activities, 
in case visitors are sick of the food from the buffet,
but it's very PRICEY and I don't think it's worth it
I booked the seafood BBQ..
I think it's around 70 USD per person
but nothing special... I think there is only shrimp, fish and Ribs

The spa on the island is not so bad.. 

 I HIGHLY recommend snorkelling
the resort offer free snorkelling equipments
and scuba diving(extra fee)
Overall I enjoyed my stay at Chaaya Lagoon Hakurra
but I wound't go back again 
just simply because I want to explore other islands

I just realized this is such a long post..
until next time
stay warm