Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Glymm Bag January 2013

Yesterday I received my january 2013 Glymm bag 
This is my first Glymm bag
It came with a brown box and a product card

Let's talk abt the cosmetic bag first
It's a gold cosmetic bag with a redish undertone 
the zipper is gold as well
I am okay with this cosmetic bag I guess
However I rather receive an extra sample than getting a cosmetic bag every month
I find these cosmetic bags that comes with subscription boxes are pretty useless
I don't change my cosmetic bag every month
so it's a waste to get different cosmetic bags every month
This is a worst sample so far
I don't think this is a deluxe sample size
I can jst get this for free @ drug mart
Also I don't want to pay any amount of money to try out drug store brands!
DMAE Firming Serum
This is a bad sample too!
The size is so tiny
I can literally get few of these kind samples @ cosmetic counters!
I hate to receive anti-aging products
clearly Glymm did not follow my personal beauty profile carefully 
because I did not indicate that aging is one of my skin concerns
This is a tiny mascara by Lash M
It's the tinniest mascara I have ever seen
I used it this morning
It's so hard to apply,
because the application pole is so short
I have to apply 3 or 4 coats
So far I like the effects that this mascara gives on eye lashes
however I don't want to give a review on this product yet
since i have only used it once so far
There are two packs of La Fresh travel lite facial cleansing wipes
I am okay wit these samples
call me old fashioned,
I am not a big fan of facial wipes
however I don't mind trying them
Cool Way hair boost serum
I think this is the most exciting product of all the samples I got from january Glymm bag
as I said before
I am always happy to receive hair products
because I don't have lots hair products
I used this this morning
so far, my hair appears to be really soft
but I still want to use it for another couple of times before I give a review on this product
Overall, I am not happy with January Glymm bag
I got a email from Glymm in the beginning of Jan
saying that Glymm bag is runnin a lil bit late this month
because they were putting together somethin sopecial
I don't see anything special 
Hopefully Glymm February will be better
until next time

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Cosmetic Faves

January Faves
These are the makeups that I have been using everyday in January
Most of these faves are new purchases in January
so I wanted to test these new products for at least a week or two 
before I write any "fave revews"

This Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
is my newly holy grail foundation!!!
Lots foundations make me look cakey 
but this foundation looks so natural on my skin
It blends in with my skin perfectly,
it gives people the allusion that I have natural healthy skin
also this foundation last all day,
at least for 8 hrs
it just stays the way it was when you first applied it
the packaging is very modern and pretty
because it's a plastic bottle
it's not easy to break it
I have dropped this foundation for at least twice
If I have to pick one thing that I don't like this foundation
is that it doesn't provide lots coverage
but I am fine with it
I will just my concealers to cover some blemishes and pimples
I think I have mentioned this Urban Decay 24/7 glide eye pencil in my previous posts
This is in the color "zero"
This gotta be my holy grail eye pencil
It's so creamy
so it's so easy to draw
and the pigmentation is perfect
and it doesn't smudge on my eye lid at all
After my first use,
I stop using liquid eye liners
and it's so easy to wash it off 
because it's not waterproof
This is literally the best eye liner for me
I got this Josie Marant Argan Oil in my January Ipsy bag
I wasn't going to try this argan oil on my skin at first
because my skin is really easy to break out
and oily products don't get along with my skin very well
but it says it's for all skin types
so I decided to give it a try
if it break out my skin,
I will just use this as a hair serum
I am so happy that I decided to give it a try
I didn't see any result after first use 
except feeling my face is hydrated 
but after a week of using this argan oil
pores got smaller,
less blemishes, less pimples
and it brighten my skin as well
This Josie Marant Argan Oil comes with a tear drop application
so I usually use one or two drops after I cleansed my face 
I don't think it has any scent 
These two drug store concealers are my currently concealers for under the eyes
I find myself grabbing these two concealers everyday
The first one is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind 
in the color 60 brightener/illuminateur
this concealer is very moist
and it's very easy to blend in
it doesn't have a really good coverage
but it does brighten my dark circles
The second concealer is from Physicians Formula
It's called concealer twins in the color yellow/light
This concealer comes with two parts
on one side, it has this yellowish concealer
and on the other side, it has the "normal" shade
I usually apply the yellowish concealer first under my eyes
then the other shade
I find that the yellowish part helps to cover the dark circles 
and the "normal" shade can make it seems natural under the eyes
I don't know if I am using this product correctly,
but it definitely works well for me this way
This La Mer Eye concentrate is my fav eye cream not only in Jan
I got this eye concentrate cream last year
Even tho this is an expensive eye 
but a lil bit last a long way
this small jar can last up to 3 or 4 months
I usually get La Mer eye concentrate cream @ duty free shops in the airports
or I just get it when holts has gift card event 
This eye cream helps to decrease wrinkles under the eyes
I almost finished this cream 
i can see significant result
also this cream is not too creamy
so it's easier to absorb into the skin
This is my favourite lip balm so far
It's called Rouge CoCo in the color Baume
This is a colorless lip balm in a lipstick packaging
This is the most moisturized lip balm I have ever tried
No other lip balm can compare to this one
My lip is super dry during winter
I can't live without this lip balm
From the picture below,
everyone can tell how much I love using this
This limited edition highlight powder from Chanel 
is from my previous 
Shopper Drug Mart haul
the details of this highlight powder can be found in the haul post
I use it almost every single day after I bought it
I use this under the end of my eye brow 
around my eye corners, and just the usual highlight places on the face
The pigmentation is very good
This Blush is from Chanel S/S2013
The details of this blush can be found in my previous 
Shopper Drug Mart haul post
This is a very nice coral color
The pigmentation is very good
so only a lil bit of blush is enough 
and it lasts for at least 5 hrs 
This is my only matte color blush
I think it's very suitable for a casual look
This Urban Decay Naked 1 Eye shadow palette is 
my fave eye shadow palette
The texture is creamy
so it's really easy to apply and blend
the pigmentation is very good
it stays on the eyes for a very long time
and all the colors in the palette can be used/ mixed together 
This eye shadow palette quickly became 
one of the essentials in my daily makeup routine
I am thinking about gettin the Naked 2 eye shadow palette and the basic eye shadow palette
So there are all my january makeups faves
until next time

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Cupcake Shoppe

First food review
I have to dedicate my first food review on cupcakes
I love cupcakes!!
I usually eat one cupcake a day
If I don't eat cupcakes for a week,
I might just gonna go CRAZY!
This is how much I LOVE cupcakes
The Cupcake Shoppe is not my favourite cupcake store
but I went there for 5 or 6 times already
the cupcakes never surprised me, 
nor disappointed me
My favourite cupcakes were the ones my BFF got for me
I will try to ask her to get me more
so I can do a review on them
anyways, back to the cupcake shoppe...
their daily selections aren't many
usually around 6 to 8 choices
so if you are planning to get a dozen 
probably you have to get the same flavours at least twice
however for me, I usually get only half dozen
however I sometimes still have to choose the same flavour twice 
just because there aren't many choices
The packaging of the cupcake box is super cute
and it holds the cupcakes really steady

My favourite flavour from the cupcake shoppe is cookie dough
the cookie dough flavour is really good
it's not too sweet
and there are actually chocolate chips inside of the cake part
so when i am eating it,
it's crunchy and creamy at the same time
I find that really unique
the topping on the cookie dough cupcake is really moist
and it can stay moist for at least 4 or 5 days

The Cupcake Shoppe is located at 2417 Yonge Str. Toronto
close to Yonge and Eglinton 
Overall I think this cupcake store is above average
but definitely not a A+ cupcake store
because there aren't many daily selections
and not all of the cupcakes are outstanding or special
until next time

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetic beauty Haul

Shoppers Drug Mart had an extra points even yesterday
spend $75 get 18000 points
which means that spend $75 and get $25 worth of points
The shoppers drug mart which located @ bayview village is the only shoppers that sells chanel cosmetics!!!!
So I did some makeup shopping~~

I finally got my first urban decay naked eye shadow palette 
I am usually super cheap when it comes to eye shadows
I got my most eye shadows from those typical "purchase with gift" events that department stores usually have
to be honest, those eye shadows are not so great
I was debating for a long time between Naked 1 and Naked 2
Naked 1 suited my skin tone more
but I might grab the Naked 2 palette in the future
So Naked 1 comes in a velvet case and a sample of eye primer potion, also a brush
I was playing with all the makeups I bought after I got home
I fell in love with this palette instantly
these eye shadows are so creamy
and so pigmented
however I don't know if it's long lasting on my skin
because I have not yet try it

The second items I got from urban decay is the 24/7 glide on eye pencil
the color I got is zero which is black
This is probably my favourite eye pencil
I got a sample from my december 2012 ipsy bag
After I got it, I wear it almost everyday
It's so easy to apply, and it doesn't smudge at all
the texture is so creamy
even tho I only discovered this eye pencil last month,
but i am sure i can't live without it 

a swatch of the black 24/7 eye pencil and the chanel spring 2013 rose gold eye pencil
Chanel cosmetics never go on sale
and not in any cosmetic warehouse sales
so this shopper drug extra point event is the perfect time to get some cosmetics from Chanel
I tried some cosmetics and skin cares from Chanel years ago
I didn't like their makeups, 
because it's pricy and on my skin,
it didn't impressive me @ all
so stop buying makeups and skin cares from Chanel except lip balms
I was tempted by all the Chanel S/S 2013 makeup reviews 
and I was looking for a high lighter
and when I saw this limited edition Illuminating Powder
I knew I had to have it!!!!!!!
It is expensive for a Illuminating Powder, 
I think it's 74 before tax
but it is so worth it
This illuminating powder comes with a black velvet pouch
this lil velvet pouch has a tiny double cc logo @ the front
and it has two compartments
the first compartment is for the brush 
and the second compartment is for the powder 
This powder is the prettiest powder I have ever seen
It's so detailed
It has a hint of rose ish color to it
also it has a lil bit shimmer
at least for me, I don't think I will apply this all over the face
I will jst use this as a highlighter

The second item I got from Chanel is a powder blush
the color is 76 Frivolve
this is from the 2013 S/S line as well
I picked this up because I want a matte blush
I love my Nars orgasm
it has lil shimmers in it
and I never tried a matt blush before
so this Chanel 76 Frivolve blush is perfect
It's coral and peachy color
as usual, it comes in a small velvet dust bag
and it comes with a brush with double cc logo 

The third item I got from Chanel is a eye liner pencil
Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner 
in the color of 89 Rose
This is from the 2013 S/S collection as well
I am not a big fan of Chanel eye pencils
because I find them can be very easily smudged
I heard some negative reviews on this particular eye pencil 
however the reasons that I still got it 
it's because this is a rose gold eye liner
I love rose gold
and it's super unique to wear a rose gold eye liner on the waterline
also i think that makeups are a very personal, 
it react differently on everyone
This Stylo Yeux waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner is only for waterline!!!

The last thing I got from Chanel is a lipstick 
Rouge Allure Velvet 
Luminous Matte Lip Colour 33 La Distinguee
My bff picked this color for me
I never tried a lipstick before
I am always been a lip balm girl 
but my bff is a lipstick junkie
so I trust her opinion 
It's a matte color 
which I think it's perfect for me skin tone and good for everyday use
The packaging of this lipstick is super fancy
there is a gold button which has the double cc logo on
push the gold button to get the lipstick out
I find that very interesting

St.Ives products are on sale @ shoppers drug mart
This is my favourite face scrub
I fninshed 2 or 3 bottles already
I use this once a week
the sent is very pleasant
and after used this scrub,
my face doesn't feel uncomfortable or super dry
I never tried the gentle version

These products are the majority of the things I got from Shoppers yesterday
until next time