Saturday, 23 March 2013

February and March Empties

I didn't do a February empties post
cuz I was busy with midterms 
so I decided to put feb and march empties tgt
I thought I would have a lot more used up products
I finished up 12 products, but lots them are deluxe sample size products that I'd received it from my sub boxes
B.Kamins Laboratories Nutrient Replacement CreamyK.
I got this from my topbox 
I used it twice a day, 
day cream and night cream
and it lasted me through out Feb
I like this cream 
it didn't cause any irritations 
it kept my face hydrated 
the texture of this cream is like whipped creams
very light but not in a gel cream texture 
this cream has a very strong fragrance smell
a very mature scent
however I didn't mind it
the cream doesn't have SPF in it
so it's okay to use as a night cream as well
I will probably purchase this in the future 
however I do like to explore different kinds of moisturizer 

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
I go thro toners pretty fast
I used to spend lots money on high end toners
but now i feel that toners don't do much on my skin
so i save some money on toners to put forwards better face creams and serum
This toner is for Combination/oli skin
there is no scent in this toner
it claims that it can help to pore-minimising and remove impurities and reduce excess oil
for me, didn't do much 
at least not significantly 
I won't purchase this again in the future 
unless it's heavily discounted
Avene Cleanance Toner
For oil, blemish-prone skin
I enjoyed using this toner
the scent is very fresh and light
it did help to reduce blemish on my skin
but not much
it helped to keep my face matte without my skin feeling dry
I will for sure purchase this toner again in the future
La Roche Posay Laboratoire Dermatologique 
Effaclar Duo-Double Action Ance Treatment
I heard about this product from youtuber Tanya Burr
It helped her acne problems
so I purchased this after watching her video
Now this has became my holy grail skin care product
This suppose to be s spot treatment
but I use this as a serum
I don't have severe acne problems
I have acnes on my chin area
I am on my second bottles now
almost all the acnes on my chin area are gone
this product is very light, no scent
also it's not harsh on the skin
I will for sure purchase this product again
Cool Way Boost- The Low heat revolution
I got this from my glymm sub box
I have nothing to say abt this useless product
it didn't do anything to my hair except making my skull very dry and itchy
so no purchase of this product in the future 
Josie Maran Argan Oil
got this frim ipsy sub box
I love this argan oil
very gentle on the skin
very hydrating and didn't make my skin break out
sometimes I mix this argan oil with my La Roche-Posay double action cream
or just apply it after my double action cream
no scent 
super soothing on the skin
Josie Maran argan oil is pricey 
but it's definitely worth the investment
I will purchase this again in the coming winter
Wine Delights
Beer Shampoo
got this from a sub box 
I love this shampoo so much
it doesn't smell like a beer, 
maybe jst a hint a beer scent with some honey
I am not a fan of beer
but this shampoo has definitely won my heart
it kept my hair soft and hydrated
also my hair didn't show any oiliness on the next day
I would for sure purchase this if I can find it in a local store
but i don't think any local store sell this particular product or this particular brand 
Shiseido facial cotton
I have been using this for years
It is pricey for cotton pads
Usually i stock them up whenever they are on sell at shoppers drug mart
or at the semi-annual shiseido warehouse sale
the cotton pads are very thick and the shape is squared 
also I sometimes split one cotton pad into half and soaked it in toners
then used it as two small masks on my cheeks
 however I found a good alternative for these expensive cotton pads
I will probably don't gonna purchase this again
after I finish up all the stock ups
MAC Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner
This is my favourite black liquid eye liner
It's so easy to apply
and the colour is very black
doesn't smudge 
I will for sure purchase this again in the future
Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Volume Conditioner
I used to b very cheap when it comes to hair products
I got this jst simply because it was on sale 
don't remember how much I got it for 
This conditioner kept my skull from dryness and itchiness
the scent is very fresh, nothing too special
Not gonna purchase this again 
Aveeno Active naturals Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion
It claims that it helps to calm and relax, moisturizes for 24 hrs
I don't think it live up to the claims
but it definitely moisturizes well
but up to 24hrs?
don't think so
winter in Canada is brutal
skin always feeling dry 
I have to put a thick layer on this lotion each morning on my lacks, arms 
and sometimes my back
This bottle lasted me from November to February
however the lotion at the bottom is so hard to get thro the pump
I have to use a stick or a lil spoon to get the lotion at the bottom
I might not purchase this again in the future
La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes
I got this from my ipsy sub box
I am not a big fan of facial wipes
Facial wipes are so hard to use to remove makeups around lower eye lashes area
and facial wipes tend to make my skin break out
I don't like to wast products
I usually try to use as much products as I can even when I don't like them
These La Fresh facial wipes are very pleasant
I was very surprised
I used these wipes to remove lipstick colours and foundations
it did a very good job
however like I said I don't like facial wipes
so I won't be purchasing them in the future
Finally finished writing this long post
anyways hope you guys enjoy reading it
until next time

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Burberry Cosmetic Haul (Gift with Purchase)

Burberry cosmetic gift with purchase 
from march 21, 2013-march 24, 2013
min purchase with $150 CAD
at Holt Renfrew
I am so obsessed with burberry cosmetic 
so when I found out that they are hosting a gift with purchase event
I knew I must have to go 
I purchased three things from burberry today
velvet foundation
fresh glow (primer)
and a velvet lipstick
Velvet Foundation 
colour: No.203 Trench
price: $68
suppose to give a matte long last finish on the face
I have never tried burberry foundation before
I will do a product review in the future

Fresh Glow
luminous fluid base
price: $66
I don't have a good primer 
or at least a primer that I actually love
so the burberry cosmetic sale associate recommended this primer for me
It's very hydrating 
and leaves a hint of glow 
I will do a review on it in the future

Lip Velvet
colour: Honey suckle no.305
I love love love love burberry lipsticks
It's hydrating on the lips,
but not sticky 
last a long time on the lips as well
also the packaging is so adorable
however I picked a wrong color this time
I actually have this colour in my collection
so I have to go exchange for a different colour

The actually gifts
a burberry cosmetic bag
a full size lip glow
a kabuki brush
a deluxe sample size body fragrance
a sample size fragrance
This cosmetic bag is very chic
a metallic kinda bag
with burberry name embossed on the bag
the inside is black fabric 
The full size lip glow 
this lip gloss is not sticky on the lips
I feel that this colour can go with lots outfits and makeup looks
The kabuki brush
comes with a black velvet wrap
the brush is so soft
the burberry writing is embossed on the handle

 Deluxe sample size body fragrance

Another body fragrance
I love to receive sample size fragrances
I usually put one in my cosmetic bag
it doesn't take much space

Also the sales associate gave me two samples
burberry don't have many sample choices
so I picked the concealer and lip samples
Burberry cosmetics are never on sale
so gift with purchase event is the perfect time to stock up or try new things
I don't think these kinda gift with purchase events come often 
until next time 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glossy Box Canada February 2013 Birthday Box

 Glossy Box Canada February Birthday Box 2013
I thought Glymm is the worst subscription box
but I was actually wrong
Glossy Canada is actually the worst subscription box
I am not a regular subscriber to Glossy Box Canada
I think by paying 20ish something per month for drug store products 
is simply stupid
but I thought their birthday box might be a good box
so I just signed up for february

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips-Ultra
Full size
I don't use strips because I think it's just gonna make my pores bigger
I will just give this to my friend
I heard from my friend that this strip doesn't even work that well 
Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower
Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser
Full size
I have never heard of this brand,
judging by the price
it's no doubt another drug store product
the smell of this body wash is very nice
springish and fresh
I will for sure use it
Essence Quatro Eyeshadow
colour code: oh-so-cute
Full size
Another drug store product
the pigmentation is bad
nowhere compare to urban decay eyeshadows or even Revlon eyeshadows
Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil
Full size
This is probably my fav item from this box
It's so creamy and pigmentation is very good
I only did a swatch on my hand
have not used it yet
I am very happy to receive this

Macadamia natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment
Sample size
30ml for $13.5
I don't think the price of this oil treatment on the product card is kinda misleading
I saw this exact oil treatment full size at shopper drug mart 
for only $12 
It was on sale tho
I am okay with this sample
3 Bonus 
two foil packaged samples and 
glossybox cupcake kit

Overall I think Glossy Box Canada really really sucks
Drug store items are always on sale
I can get all those drug store products for probably less than 10 dollars
paying $20ish per month to get drug store samples are not worth it at all
Even tho we got 4 full size products 
but it's still the worst sub box !

Monday, 11 March 2013

IPSY March 2013

Ipsy march edition is here
The theme of this month is "the great escape"
I guess all the products of this month would be vacation related
 Ipsy is truely one of the my favourite subscription boxes 
the other fav would be topbox
we got 5 products in total, excluding the cosmetic bag 

La Fresh travel lite makeup remover wipes
personally I wouldn't bring wipes to vacation with me
however I heard greats things abt La Fresh wipes on youtube
I will give it a try for sure
and i think these La Fresh wipes are more expensive compare to other wipes
GlamRX mini freestyle palette 
I guess this is a great idea for going away on vacation
aka putting all fav eyeshadows or blushes however you wanna it to be
but once again, I don't think this would be one of my travel essentials

Yaby eye shadow refills
This might be the most exciting products for me this month
These sample eyeshadows are so cute
even tho the size is super small
but I am sure these mini eye shadows would last me a long time
and the colours are so nice
I got a taupe colour and a emerald colour
the taupe eye shadow would be perfect for everyday use
and the emerald colour is the colour of the spring this year
many high end cosmetic companies, (Tom Ford, YSL) all included emerald in their 2013 s/s cosmetic collect
I tried a lil bit emerald eye shadows, 
the pigmentation is so good, the eye shadows are so creamy
love it
Juice Beauty hydrating mist
I never tried this brand before 
and I have never used any sort of mist before
so kinda excited to try it
or I will bring this to the beach with me in the summer
Last but not the least
the cosmetic bag
the cosmetic bag of this month is very "theme appropriate"
I like the prints on it
i think it's very chic and fun
the material of this bag is a bit unusual
It's like a "plastic-kish"
reminds me of a really good quality plastic bag
however I am very happy with this bag
because of this material, 
it's perfect to bring it whenever I am going to a beach
cuz the sands won't get stuck on the surface
and if it get wet,
the products inside wouldn't get soaked 
overall I like all the products that I have received this month
Today Toronto is raining
made me so depressed
but when I got my ipsy bag today
it has definitely brighten my day
until next time