Thursday, 20 June 2013

Topbox June 2013

I received my june topbox two weeks ago
totally forgot abt it
I got 4 products in total
two of the products are full size

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics-Fairy Lashes Mascara
This is a full size product
retail price: $24
so this mascara alone is worth more than the topbox membership fee
I heard about jelly pong pong cosmetic brand before
but i have never tried any of their products
very excited to try this

Benefit Cosmetics-Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss
I love benefit cosmetics
but i am not a big fan of lip gloss
also not a big fan of nude lip gloss
the swatch is pretty
so I will give it a try

Belvada Cosmetics-Mini Eyelash Curler
this is the other full size product 
I already have my favourite eyelash curler
so this is going to be useless for me
I will give it to my friends
Pari Beauty- Colour Cubes
Received two mineral pigments stacked together
love these two pigments
in #12 and #17
they are so pretty
the top one is a nude colour with little shimmers 
the button one is a navy pigment with little shimmers
they are so smooth
not sure about the pigmentation tho
I can't wait to use it
the packaging is so cute and convenient

Overall I am happy with June Topbox
Not sure about the mini eyelash curler tho
can't wait til July Topbox arrives
until next time

Sunday, 16 June 2013

IPSY June 2013

 Ipsy is my favourite subscription service so far
I get excited every time I see the pink envelope in my mailbox
I got my June Ipsy last week
5 products in total 
I think all of them are full size as well 
NYX Rouge Cream Blush-Bronze Goodness
a full size cream bronzer with lots shimmer in it
I have never used a cream bronzer 
also not a big fan of shimmer bronzer 
I will give it a try 
don't know what to think of this bronzer yet

Starlooks Lip Pencil-Bare
full size
I heard of starlooks cosmetics before
this company also provides a monthly subscription service
the lip pencil is very creamy
the colour is really not my type of colour
it is like a dark plum colour
I don't use dark purple colour lipsticks
so I don't think I will use this

J.Cats Eyelashes+Eyelash Glue
Full size
surprisingly a eyelash glue is included 
very convenient 
I don't wear fake eyelashes anymore
but I will save it for a special occasion
J.Cats Sparkling Cream Palette-Volta
full size (not sure tho)
5 beautiful Sparkling cream eyeshadows
This will last me literally forever
can't wait to try it
Chella-Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
full size?
at least it's a really good size
so excited to see a highlighter pencil 
I was planning to buy one
never heard of Chella before
but the swatch is very nice
and it's so creamy
the colour is very easy to glide on
can't wait to try it

June Cosmetic bag
a pretty leopard print!!!!!
the best ipsy cosmetic bag so far
the size of all these 5 products are very good
discovered Chella cosmetic brand from June Ipsy bag
Recieve NYX products once in awhile is okay for me I guess
Well done once again IPSY
until next time

Saturday, 8 June 2013

April and May empties

Since I didn't have time to do my april empties
so I decided to put April and May empties together 
I use lots samples from my subscription boxes
some people don't like to put empty samples in monthly empties
cuz it makes them feel like cheating
however it makes me feel productive
so there are lots of empty samples
Facial Cleansers
Clean Clear acne cleanser
I had a severe acne break out around my chin area
so lots people suggested this cleanser
make sure to buy the one with 5% benzoyl peroxide medication
this was very helpful 
but it's very harsh on the skin
so if people with sensitive skin shouldn't use this
irrations around my eye areas were really bad
the smell is pleasant
I won't purchase this again 
because it is a bit harsh on the skin
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
This is my all time favourite make up remover
it's very gentle 
but at the same time
it take away all the makeups
I usually wear full on makeups
two or three pumps at max would do the job
this remind me lots of shu uemura cleansing oil
this cleansing oil doesn't break me out
It's a bit pricy
but it's worth the investment for sure
Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
I don't like this makeup remover at all
because it broke me out 
and need to apply lots to remove a lil bit of makeups
the only good thing about this makeup remover is that it has no scent
Eye Cares
Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel
I don't like this eye gel at all
for two reasons 
firstly I don't see any "lift action"
secondly this eye gel is so sticky
therefore it's hard to absorb 
I won't purchase this again in the future
YSL Forever Eye Creme
This is my first YSL skin care product
I didn't really have any high hopes for YSL skin care line
even though I am a big fan of their cosmetics
This is pretty good surprisingly 
it kept my eye area hydrated 
I don't have lots fine lines
so can't really see the difference
I think YSL skin care line is pricy
so might not get the full size
H2O Aqua Firm eye concentrate
This is a okay eye cream for me
light texture
can be easily absorbed into the skin
the scent is very light
so very highly i will purchase the full size of this 
Skin Cares
ShISEIDO Brightening Balancing Softener
I really enjoyed using this toner
it helped with blemishes 
I usually use brightening products at night
it's very gentle
a lil bit alcohol scent
however I don't think I would purchase this again 
because it's pricy for a toner
I usually drug store toner now
I feel that toner is just a small thing in skin care routine
I rather save the money to buy a good serum or cream
Philosophy Hope in a Jar Day Cream and Night Cream
I really love both of them
when I was using these two products
I didn't get any breakouts
and it kept my skin so smooth
I actually already purchased the full size of the night cream
the texture of the cream is a bit thick 
but it kept my skin hydrated without feeling greasy
Vicky Normader Hydrating Acne Care
I used up 4 or 5 of this sample products
I took them with me when I was on vacation
I used this on top of my sunscreen 
kept my face matte
I don't think I would purchase this in the future
unless there is some sort of promotion going on
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
it says on the bottle that it help UV damage
so I took this with me when I was on vacation
I used this during the day 
applied as a serum
my face didn't get burn or got any sensitive
so i think this serum really helped
I am on my second bottle now
my skin got better after I used it
Clinique counter always have gift with purchase event
if there is any gift interest me in summer
I might get a full size
Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment
I really love this mask
I bought a second bottle right after I finished this one in April
this mask has a very strong herbal scent
I don't mind it that much
it says that it can be used everday
so that's what I did for the first few days
but I found that my skin got so dry
So now I mainly use it as a spot treatment 
I put it on my nose area and acne areas
after 15 mins, I can see all the blackheads that are sucked through the mask
and the mask helps with acne as well
it calms the acne down
this mask does get dry up very fast toward the end 
so make sure the cap is tighten
Philosophy the micro exfoliating triple acid brightening peel
for me, I can't use it on my face
cuz it gives me really bad breakouts
so I mainly use it on my knees and elbows 
I do wish the pad is bigger
after I used it
my knees and elbows did get brighter 
but it went back to what it looked like before after 6 hrs
I will not purchase this again 
Body Cares
BWC Lotion extra rich fragrance free
my legs are really dry through out the year
especially in colder weathers
this lotion is very moisturizing 
and my legs felt so good after I applied this
the scent is similar to chocolate
Even though I really enjoyed this
but I don't think I would purchase this again
cuz I like lotions that r easy to find in stores
there are lots good quality lotions in drug store as well
and I don't think BWC is available in Canadian stores yet
Valentine Whipped Sugar Scrub
This is a such a nice body scrub
I was upset when I found it's empty in the shower
The scent is sweet
smells like frozen yogurt  
it removes the dead skin so easy
and it keeps the skin moisturized
I don't think I would purchase this again 
simple because it's hard to find it in Canada
even though I loved this scrub
Fruit&Passion Coriander and Olive Tree Nourishing Butter
I am really bad at describing scent
this scent is so calming and mild
it has olive oil in it
kept my skin moisturized  
I will purchase this again in the future
Hand products
La Fresh Travel Wipes Nail Polish Remover
only comes with one pad
which I think it's not enough for both hands
this nail polish remover did a good job on removing nail polish without glitters
I will not purchase this in the future
because I don't like these kind of nail polish remover pads
Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub
I don't think I have ever purchased any kind of hand scrub before
this hand scrub is really nice
my hands felt so smooth afterward
I will purchase the full size of this in the future
L'occitane Hand Cream
This might be my favourite hand cream 
This sample size is perfect for putting in a cosmetic bag
this hand cream keeps hands hydrated for hours
and feel so luxuries 
I will fore sure buy this again in the future
Bath&Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle
I love all the products from the Japanese Cherry Blossom collection
I don't know if it's just me or what
It smells like Chanel N'5 
It's so girly and mature
this is literally my favourite candle 
I will definitely purchase this again

This is such a long post
hope you guys enjoy it
until next time 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beauty Box 5 May 2013

BB5 always comes in the end of the month
I jst got it today
5 items in total
La Fresh Deodorant Wipes
I always receive La Fresh products from BB5
I don't mind it,
cuz I really enjoy using products from La Fresh
however I don't use Deodorant
I don't sweat much
probably I will just give it to my friends
Jean Pierre Tanning Towelettes
never heard of this brand before
I have never used tanning products before
can't wait to give it a try
Coolway Transform Styling Spray
This size is a very decent size
it's half of the full size
so this sample alone is worth $12
Even though I am always happy to receive hair products
but I used Coolway product before
not a fan at all
so don't know what to think of this sample
Model Co Black Eyeliner
This is the only full size product
So far I really like this eyeliner
the colour is so black
and very creamy
the pigmentation is fantastic 

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow
This can be a perfect highligh for me
there is so much products in this lil pot
can't wait to use it

Overall I am okay with may bb5
the products are not super exciting 
but not super bad neither
until next time

Sunday, 2 June 2013


 I actually received ipsy may around two or three ago
have not used any the products yet

Zoya nail polish- Julie
a light purple colour with a lil bit shimmer
I have never tried Zoya nail polish 
I am also not a big fan of purple
nd this purple is so light,
don't know if it's gonna show on the nails
full size
Mirabella Lipstick-Posy
A red lipstick with  pink undertone
satin finish
I love to receive lipsticks
however we don't usually get lipsticks in subscription boxes
we get lots lip gloss
I really like this color
suitable for all year around
another full size product

Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On
I think indigo sells Pacifica products
so many youtubers raves abt Pacifica products
I have never tried anything from Pacifica
This perfume is good size
but the smell is too sweet for me
Yaby concealer- Honey
I really enjoy using Yaby eyeshadows
so really happy to receive this
the color is a good shade for me
cuz it has a lil bit yellow undertone
another items in my freestyle palette 
Can't wait to fill them up
Nu'Me-Finishing Serum
I love love getting hair products
another hair serum! Yeahhh!!!
I like this applicator, 
it would be easier to use
since it is a tear drop applicator
never tried this brand before 
a really good size
I think Ipsy monthly cosmetic bag is getting better
once again, I love this cosmetic bag
the prints are so fun, summer ish

Overall I am really happy with may Ipsy 
well done
introduced 4 new brands to me
and the sizes are really good
until next time