Friday, 5 April 2013

Beauty Box 5 March 2013

Beauty Box 5 March
This is my first bb5
It comes with this beautiful blue box

Tree Hut moisturizing lotion-Tropical Mango
I am so happy that I got body lotion instead of body butter
I feel like that body butter is too sticky and hard to absorb into the skin
The size is very good
The scent is very fresh and fruity
La Fresh nail polish remover wipe
I guess there wipes are for travel
but I don't ever bring nail polish and nail polish remover on vacation with me
however I did like the la fresh  facial wipes I'd received from my sub box
so can't wait to try them
~H2O Plus Spa Sea Salt Body Wash
This couldn't come in a better time
I am going on vacation in the end of the month
so this will come in handy 
I have always wanted to try products from H2O+
so excited I got this
~H2O Plus Eye lift concentrate
another sample from H20+
very happy abt this
I always like to receive eye creams
the size is very good
Brazen Cosmetics eyeshadow
I think the colour code is type a 
it's a matte brown colour
don't always receive matte colour eyeshadows
so very happy that I got this colour
Overall I am extremely happy with march beauty box 5
Probably this is one of my fav boxes 
can't wait to see the april box
until next time

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