Tuesday, 10 September 2013

London UK trip

I am back!!!!
First of all,
 I want to explain the reason why I have been missing from blogging.
I have started a youtube channel
I didn't want to post the same thing on my blog and on my youtube channel
so I was kinda lost on what to write on my blog
I am still not exactly sure what to write on my blog yet
but I will try my best to post as much as possible
and I am sure I will figure it out along the way
I went to London for 7 days
I didnt have the best trip ever
due to some hotel issues
however I still managed to have a lovely time with my friend
Borough market is one of the highlights from my trip
I believe it's right beside london bridge tube station
very easy to find
borough market has a long history
the food is beyond words
I and my friend didn't eat breakfast 
we shared literally everything we purchased 
because we wanted to try as many food as possible
there's champagne and sangria stands 
which just made everything better
I went on a friday
it was so so much fun
lots of tourist and locals
everyone's so lovely
I highly recommend this market 

I consider myself as a harry potter fan
not only I read all the books, I watched all the movies as well
on top of that, 
it's a piece of my childhood
Warner brother harry potter studio tour is not far from london
there are lots of tour buses that take people there
however by public transit is very easy and convenient too
I had to change tube to train 
but it's so easy
whenever I was lost, 
people were just so extremely friendly to tell me which way to go
harry potter studio tour is not just for kids
I think it's for everyone who is a fan of harry potter 
I heard mixed reviews on the butterbeers
I personally loved it
I think everyone has different taste
so I recommend everyone to try the butterbeer 
the only down side is that I wish they had more Doby souvenirs 

Covent Garden Market is really lovely as well
it's more chic than Borough Market
lots of shops, and restaurants
it's very lively
however I do feel that there were more tourists than locals
Laduree is in Covent Garden as well
there is another one at Harrods
I love Laduree 
I and my friend had a afternoon tea there
it was great and the price was not bad at all

There are a few more pictures from my trip

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