Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Perfect Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Can't believe fall is here already
Fall is the perfect season to do some layering 
without the big chunky winter jacket
I LOVE anything that's made of denim 
especially jacket, jeans and shorts
A denim jacket is perfect for the fall
because it is a great layering piece, 
plus it can keep me warm without making me look too big
I don't wear cloth that's fitting on me except jeans
this denim is very loosing fitting 
so it gives room for layering, 
it's very roomy in the upper sleeve part
so it creates the allusion that my arms are skinny
my style is very casual
people rarely see me wearing skirt
basically any clothing item that's ripped and loose fitting is my type of tea
what I love most about this denim jacket is that
even tho this jacket is very loose fitting 
but it's not too long in length 
so it creates depth for the outfit
it looks like I'd stole my boyfriend's denim jacket
but not really 
this jacket is by a japanese brand called "SLY"
It's from last year winter collection
who said you can not wear neon colors in winter?
I got this pair of Christopher Kane boots
 when they were having the summer sale on net a porter
I hate winter
because everything is black and cold
so this boots not only can go with lots of outfits
also it adds a splash of colour


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