Sunday, 30 December 2012

Julep Maven Mystery Wristlet

I received my julep mystery wristlet during mid december,
the contents were very very disappointing, 
also I was busy wit exams,
so I was not eager to write this review at all.
Right after I purchased this mystery wristlet, 
the mystery clutch came out, 
I regretted sooooo much for the purchase of the mystery wristlet!
Also I didn't know there's a mystery box later on,
if i have known, 
i wound NOT purchase this mystery wristlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The box came with some red stuffings
and the black leather wristlet..
the box is not even filled up!
the least Julep could do is to fill the box with red stuffings!!!!
I received 3 nail polishes and one cuticle oil.
I hate the three color I got..
two of them are very sheer,
I don't like sheer nail polish at all!
Also the quality of these three nail polishes are very watery!
I don't like watery nail polishes!
also I hate black nail polishes!!
the only thing I like is the cuticle oil,
i dont have lots hand products,
so i am happy to get the cuticle oil.
I put the cuticle oil in my make up bag,
i take it wherever i go,
so it's easier to apply it when i have nothing to do
from top to bottom: cuticle oil, brit, emmanuelle,renee

The black wristlet is not bad,
it's pretty actually
black leather with gold zipper.
It seems it's good quality,
but i am not sure
cuz I have not used it yet
it does have a bad smell,
a bad leather smell!!
so overall, 
I am not happy with this mystery wristlet
because it's my first time getting it
if the nail polishes in the future is still watery
i probability would cancel my subscription with julep maven
Until next time

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