Saturday, 8 December 2012

Maldives Chaaya Lagoon Hakura

It's so cold in Toronto right now, 
I really wanna go to somewhere warm,
but I have school, it's final exam period..
I am taking a study break from studying,
so I decided to write my first review!
Maldives is a place that I always wanted to go...
So back in June..dream finally came true!
There are hundreds of islands in Maldives, 
and one resort per Island.
It took me such a lonnnnnggg time decide where island I should visit..
I did so much research on different island, 
but it made me even more confused..
So I just found a travel agent and told her to find me a 4/5 star resort wit all inclusive package
food and drinks can be SUPER expensive in these Maldives island,
because there is no agriculture in Maldives, 
everything is imported to the island from elsewhere..
So my travel agent offered me a week stay at Hakuraa island
The resort on Hakuraa is called Chaaya Lagoon
I had to take a seaplane from the airport to the island...
the seaplane ride is around 45mins

There are 70 water bungalows and 10 beach bungalows
Usually there is less water bungalows and more beach bungalows
I stayed in both during my visit
I dont recommend the beach bungalows on Hakuraa,
because there is nothing special about it

I guess the only good thing abt the beach bungalows is that it's closer to the beach?!
I LOVED my water bungalows,
it's absolutely STUNNING!!!
There is a square glass floor in the middle of the living room..
I find it really unique.

 a balcony comes with the water bungalow,
a ladder is attached to the balcony..
so visitors can go into the water

Only one buffet restaurant and one bar 
food is not so bad, or so great..
around 3pm, there is afternoon snacks in the bar..

Chaaya Lagoon resort offers different kind of dinner activities, 
in case visitors are sick of the food from the buffet,
but it's very PRICEY and I don't think it's worth it
I booked the seafood BBQ..
I think it's around 70 USD per person
but nothing special... I think there is only shrimp, fish and Ribs

The spa on the island is not so bad.. 

 I HIGHLY recommend snorkelling
the resort offer free snorkelling equipments
and scuba diving(extra fee)
Overall I enjoyed my stay at Chaaya Lagoon Hakurra
but I wound't go back again 
just simply because I want to explore other islands

I just realized this is such a long post..
until next time
stay warm

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