Saturday, 29 December 2012

loose button luxe box winter canada edition

My luxe box winter edition came around mid december
I was busy with exams,
so didn't have the time to do a review
sorry for the delay!!!!!!!!!

everything i got for my luxe box
When I opened the box,
I was very excited and happy,
because the box seems full.
The products were all in a very pretty dust bag,
so it made the luxe box look very chic
and I expected good good products
but I have to say it's all downhill from here,
since the contents are not impressive at all!!!!!!

I only received two full size products.
They are both by loose button.
The two full size products are the Kabuki Brush and the faux eye lashes
I have not used these products yet

The next three products are from B. Kamins Laboratories
first one is the bb cream.
It is a very generous size..0.5oz
at least the bottle seems it has large amount of products

Second and third products from B. Kamins are the lip balm and eye cream
the eye cream is 0.21oz and the lip balm is 0.13oz
Also I got two hair products
I love to receive hair products, 
I am really cheap when it comes to hair products,
so it's nice to try it out first before buy it
The Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide is the only sample that I have tried already from this box
even tho it has so lil product in this sample, 
but I used for 7 or 8 days

The second hair product is by Marc Anthony
Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion
I am also really happy to receive this product too
I am learning how to curl my hair recently,
so it can definitely be useful for me
Also this sample is big,
I thought it was a full size product, 
but the product card indicate otherwise
The last item I received it's a perfume by Calvin Klein
the name is Euphoria
This perfume is a definitely a deluxe size.
I took it with me when I was at Vegas for a week, 
I used it everyday,
and I still havn't finished it yet
however the smell of this perfume is too mature for me
it reminds me of old lady smells
There are different versions of luxe box for the winter edition
I have to say that I got the worst one
I love the version that comes with the prada lotion 
oh well...
I will do a review on these products whenever I have used them
until next time

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