Monday, 11 March 2013

IPSY March 2013

Ipsy march edition is here
The theme of this month is "the great escape"
I guess all the products of this month would be vacation related
 Ipsy is truely one of the my favourite subscription boxes 
the other fav would be topbox
we got 5 products in total, excluding the cosmetic bag 

La Fresh travel lite makeup remover wipes
personally I wouldn't bring wipes to vacation with me
however I heard greats things abt La Fresh wipes on youtube
I will give it a try for sure
and i think these La Fresh wipes are more expensive compare to other wipes
GlamRX mini freestyle palette 
I guess this is a great idea for going away on vacation
aka putting all fav eyeshadows or blushes however you wanna it to be
but once again, I don't think this would be one of my travel essentials

Yaby eye shadow refills
This might be the most exciting products for me this month
These sample eyeshadows are so cute
even tho the size is super small
but I am sure these mini eye shadows would last me a long time
and the colours are so nice
I got a taupe colour and a emerald colour
the taupe eye shadow would be perfect for everyday use
and the emerald colour is the colour of the spring this year
many high end cosmetic companies, (Tom Ford, YSL) all included emerald in their 2013 s/s cosmetic collect
I tried a lil bit emerald eye shadows, 
the pigmentation is so good, the eye shadows are so creamy
love it
Juice Beauty hydrating mist
I never tried this brand before 
and I have never used any sort of mist before
so kinda excited to try it
or I will bring this to the beach with me in the summer
Last but not the least
the cosmetic bag
the cosmetic bag of this month is very "theme appropriate"
I like the prints on it
i think it's very chic and fun
the material of this bag is a bit unusual
It's like a "plastic-kish"
reminds me of a really good quality plastic bag
however I am very happy with this bag
because of this material, 
it's perfect to bring it whenever I am going to a beach
cuz the sands won't get stuck on the surface
and if it get wet,
the products inside wouldn't get soaked 
overall I like all the products that I have received this month
Today Toronto is raining
made me so depressed
but when I got my ipsy bag today
it has definitely brighten my day
until next time

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