Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Natural Beauty Box February 2013

It's been awhile since my last post
I was at Montreal for a few days
then midterms
so I am kinda behind with my beauty box post
anyways this is my natural beauty box february 
I received 10 samples!
This is very impressive!
The box is so adorable
The envelope sticker actually is with my Chinese name on it

Beauty without cruelty body lotion 
sample size: 2oz
sample worth $3.5
I really like this body lotion
I was so happy when I saw this body lotion in my box
cuz my body lotion almost ran out at that time
I have been using this since I got it
so for like 2 weeks now
I still have not finished it up yet
keep in mind that I do use body lotion everyday
so this is a very decent size
This body lotion works very well
feel very nice on my skin
the scent remind my dark chocolate with some herbal for some reasons
however I don't think i will purchase this product in the future
I usually just grab whatever body lotion is on sale at local drug store
Selma Valentine whipped sugar scrub
Sample size: 1 oz
Full size: 10 oz
Full size cost: $16
Sample worth: $3
This is a handmade body scrub
I have used this twice now
once a week
I still have not finished this sample yet...
but almost gone
I love this scrub so much
because the scent is so lovely, 
a coconut scent
and when I apply it,
the sugars seem like it has melted into my skin
my body feel so soft up to 4 to 5 days 

Pharmacopia verbena everyday bar soap
sample size: 1.5 oz
full size: 4oz
full size cost: $5.20
sample worth: $2.5
This soap reminds me of the ones at hotel rooms
I don't use soaps
However I will give it a try in the future

Just pure minerals blush
colour: girly pink 
sample worth: $2
The colour is very nice
very settle
I haven't used it yet
but I will take this with me when i go travel in the future

Wine delights beer natural nourishing and extra hydrating shampoo
sample size: 1oz
full size: 16 oz
full size cost: $26
sample worth: $6.5
When I saw this shampoo in my box
I wasn't happy with it
because the name "beer" 
However I totally changed my mind on this product after I have used it
I used this for 3 times til it's finished
I was so sad when I saw the empty bottle
This shampoo doesn't smell like beer
It made my hair so soft
and I don't feel any dryness 
I love this shampoo
so happy I gave it a try
Kynk naturals African black soap
sample worth: $10
Like I said I don't use soaps
so can't see anything about this product
however it is a decent size
Overall beauty minerals mineral eye shadows
sample size: 3 grams
full size: 5 grams
full size cost:$5.50
sample worth:$3.30
I don't have the colour code for this sample
it's a grey eye shadow
the pigmentation is good
the size of this sample is very generous

Jadience herbal formula purifying toner
sample worth: $1.5
I haven't used this sample yet
but seems very promising
I do wish this is not a foil packaged sample
Tao of man daily skin defense
sample worth: $2.50
I like the idea that natural beauty box throw a male product in the box
once again I do wish this is not a foil packaged sample
Scentual body care 100% natural soap
sample size: 1.oz
full size: 100 grams
full size coast: 5.50
sample worth: $2.00
Once again I don't use soaps
might give this a try in the future
Overall I like the natural beauty box 
I do like the samples I have tried so far
especially the beer shampoo and the body scrub
most likely I will purchase these two products in the future
however I don't like the fact that I received so 3 soaps
until next time

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