Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beauty Box 5 May 2013

BB5 always comes in the end of the month
I jst got it today
5 items in total
La Fresh Deodorant Wipes
I always receive La Fresh products from BB5
I don't mind it,
cuz I really enjoy using products from La Fresh
however I don't use Deodorant
I don't sweat much
probably I will just give it to my friends
Jean Pierre Tanning Towelettes
never heard of this brand before
I have never used tanning products before
can't wait to give it a try
Coolway Transform Styling Spray
This size is a very decent size
it's half of the full size
so this sample alone is worth $12
Even though I am always happy to receive hair products
but I used Coolway product before
not a fan at all
so don't know what to think of this sample
Model Co Black Eyeliner
This is the only full size product
So far I really like this eyeliner
the colour is so black
and very creamy
the pigmentation is fantastic 

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow
This can be a perfect highligh for me
there is so much products in this lil pot
can't wait to use it

Overall I am okay with may bb5
the products are not super exciting 
but not super bad neither
until next time

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