Thursday, 20 June 2013

Topbox June 2013

I received my june topbox two weeks ago
totally forgot abt it
I got 4 products in total
two of the products are full size

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics-Fairy Lashes Mascara
This is a full size product
retail price: $24
so this mascara alone is worth more than the topbox membership fee
I heard about jelly pong pong cosmetic brand before
but i have never tried any of their products
very excited to try this

Benefit Cosmetics-Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss
I love benefit cosmetics
but i am not a big fan of lip gloss
also not a big fan of nude lip gloss
the swatch is pretty
so I will give it a try

Belvada Cosmetics-Mini Eyelash Curler
this is the other full size product 
I already have my favourite eyelash curler
so this is going to be useless for me
I will give it to my friends
Pari Beauty- Colour Cubes
Received two mineral pigments stacked together
love these two pigments
in #12 and #17
they are so pretty
the top one is a nude colour with little shimmers 
the button one is a navy pigment with little shimmers
they are so smooth
not sure about the pigmentation tho
I can't wait to use it
the packaging is so cute and convenient

Overall I am happy with June Topbox
Not sure about the mini eyelash curler tho
can't wait til July Topbox arrives
until next time

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