Wednesday, 9 January 2013


January 2013 Top Box is here!!!!!
I just got it in the mail today
This is my first Top box...
This month top box team up with Clinique
Even tho I am not a fan of Clinique...
I tried products from Clinique a while ago,
I don't think their products work well with my skin,
also I don't like the smell of their products...
it has a strong sense of alcohol..ESPECIALLY IN TONERS
even tho it's alcohol free
however I will give it another try 
When I opened the tube, 
it's pretty full...
so I am happy :) 

I got four Clinique products,
I don't think any of them are full size products,
but they are all decent sizes..
not those ones that you can get it @ the cosmetic counter for free

 I love to receive toners
because I go thro it soo fast...
so it's nice to receive extra ones
I tried toners from Clinique before,
but I don't like the smell
and my skin feel itchy afterwards...
I dont remember if it's this one
I will give a try later on...

This make up remover is perfect for travel
It's somethin that I will definitely use

I am really into eye shadows these days
so super excited to try this
I never tried make up from Clinique before
This is such a unique eye shadow palette,
because the cover of this eye shadow palette is a mirror
I can put it in my make up bags,
since I dont have a mirror in my make up bag,
and I always use my phone whenever I need a mirror 
Even tho this product is not a full size 
but I will still consider this is a full size product
cuz it has soo much eye shadow in it, 
it can last me a looong time  

I have not figure out how to use this yet...
but I think it's a night serum
I might b wrong tho
I never tried this before
so can't wait to try it
Over all, I am happy with all the products that I got
I can use all of them
I will do product reviews when I have tried them 
Until next time

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