Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Glymm Bag January 2013

Yesterday I received my january 2013 Glymm bag 
This is my first Glymm bag
It came with a brown box and a product card

Let's talk abt the cosmetic bag first
It's a gold cosmetic bag with a redish undertone 
the zipper is gold as well
I am okay with this cosmetic bag I guess
However I rather receive an extra sample than getting a cosmetic bag every month
I find these cosmetic bags that comes with subscription boxes are pretty useless
I don't change my cosmetic bag every month
so it's a waste to get different cosmetic bags every month
This is a worst sample so far
I don't think this is a deluxe sample size
I can jst get this for free @ drug mart
Also I don't want to pay any amount of money to try out drug store brands!
DMAE Firming Serum
This is a bad sample too!
The size is so tiny
I can literally get few of these kind samples @ cosmetic counters!
I hate to receive anti-aging products
clearly Glymm did not follow my personal beauty profile carefully 
because I did not indicate that aging is one of my skin concerns
This is a tiny mascara by Lash M
It's the tinniest mascara I have ever seen
I used it this morning
It's so hard to apply,
because the application pole is so short
I have to apply 3 or 4 coats
So far I like the effects that this mascara gives on eye lashes
however I don't want to give a review on this product yet
since i have only used it once so far
There are two packs of La Fresh travel lite facial cleansing wipes
I am okay wit these samples
call me old fashioned,
I am not a big fan of facial wipes
however I don't mind trying them
Cool Way hair boost serum
I think this is the most exciting product of all the samples I got from january Glymm bag
as I said before
I am always happy to receive hair products
because I don't have lots hair products
I used this this morning
so far, my hair appears to be really soft
but I still want to use it for another couple of times before I give a review on this product
Overall, I am not happy with January Glymm bag
I got a email from Glymm in the beginning of Jan
saying that Glymm bag is runnin a lil bit late this month
because they were putting together somethin sopecial
I don't see anything special 
Hopefully Glymm February will be better
until next time

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