Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Julep Maven January 2013

This is my January 2013 Julep maven box
The theme of this month is Vacation!!!!!
I love the bright color packaging
When I saw it..
It made me feel so warm somehow
This month I chose BOHO Glam style

Besides the nail polishes, 
I got some "swatch me" stickers,
It's useless for me, 
because I don't think swatch stickers are necessary 
so probably I will jst gonna give it to my frds
Also I got some pretty bright color hair ties
I heard good things abt them
so can't wait to try them
I think these hair ties are sooo pretty
so different from the ones I have
Also I got the usual monthly product card and monthly quote card

These are the nail polishes I got this month
Like I said in my previous post, 
I am so addict to green these days
So when I saw this bright green color..
I instantly knew I have to have it
The other color I got it called Teresa,
It's a light color,
I don't like light color on my nails
It's a nude-ish pinkish color
so probably I will give it to my frds

The hand product of this month is hand and cuticle stick
I love to receive hand products
My cuticles are very dry 
so I have been using the cuticle oil that julep had sent in previous month
This is a good addition to my hand products
I tried it few nights ago
I am not sure if I used it wrong
but it's so hard to apply

Overall I am happy with January 2013 julep maven box
Until next time

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