Tuesday, 8 January 2013


This month I finished two bottles of face cleansers,
usually I have two bottles of face cleanser at the same time,
one in the shower,
another just for whenever I am not in the shower.
All the empties are very good,
I would definitely purchase it again.

I am reallie cheap when it comes to hair products..
so i was reallie excited to try new hair products samples
I got this from my luxe box winter edition
This Kerastase hair serum helps to prevent split ends
This sample is super small
but I used it for almost one month!
This serum has a super pleasant smell, a very fresh smell
and I just apply two drops into my hand,
and then apply to my hair ends
This serum gave my hair ends a super soft touch
and It can give me hair the good smell and soft ends for two day straight 
I will purchase the full size when I see it
This Shisheido extra gentle cleansing foam is my fav face wash
Whenever I have a bad reaction when I try a new face product
I always use this face wash
I find that it can balance my skin
It works very well, 
it generates lots foam,
even tho it can wash my face very well
but it doesnt leave this "dryness" feeling on my face
This is probably my 5th bottle
I usually buy shisheido products at their semi annual warehouse sale in Toronto
I usually buy 3 or 4 bottles of this face wash!!
It's soooo good!!!

This is probably my second fav face wash
I don't really like Chanel skin care products 
I find that Chanel skin care products are pretty useless
dont work as well as other up end brands
this is the only few skin care products that I think it's good from Chanel
It generates decent amount of foam which I love
It has a lil pleasant smell,
very fresh, lil bit floral smell I guess
It cleans my face very well, and it doesn't leave any "dryness" feeling after
It's very gentle,
for sensitive skin
I love eye creams
I think it's important to use eye cream after you hit the age of 20
Eye creams are often pricy
So it's good to try samples before purchase the full size products
I think i got this Lise watier age control supreme eye cream from shoppers
Even tho this product is sooo tiny
but there's soooooooo much products in it!!!
I used it for a fulllll month 
and sometime I squeezed too much products..
so probably it could have last me for at least a month and half
This eye cream is sooo good
it moistures the eyes
and the wrinkles under my eyes got BETTER!!!!!
my eye bags are smaller
and the area under my eyes are sooo moist allll the time
I will for sure buy this product again!!!
This Cle de Peau toner is good
this is brand is under the same company as shesheido
I bought this at the semi annual shesheido warehouse sale
I heard soo much good things abt this brand 
so I purchased a whole set to try it out
I think it would worked better if i have used the whole set together
but I did not
This toner is very gentle
and has a decent smell
The packaging is super nice
It comes in a yellow shimmer glass bottle
I would purchase this again 
because it does help me to balance my skin
I love glysomed
this is the best hand cream
it keeps my hand moist during winter
usually I just put on a thick layer before i go sleep
and I don't have to apply during the day
and the price is super good!
a winter must have

until next time

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