Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2013 January Empties

I can't believe january is already gone
so it's time to do a post on empties again!!!!
 As always I put my empties in my luxe box
This month I did pretty good
There are lots products in this box
I bought this candle at bath and body works
I don't know if this is a seasonal item
I got it during the semi annual sale
This became my favourite winter candle
It has this baking smell
makes my condo smell like I was baking yummy bread for the whole day
I think this candle is perfect for winter dinner parties
It makes me hungry when i am burning this candle
It doesn't have this "fake smell" like other candles have

I got this Burt's Bees nourishing body lotion sample 
from my latest glymm bag
it is for normal to dry skin
The smell is pleasant
but a bit too strong 
the texture is not too thick
so it is easy to absorb into the skin
It claims that 24hr moisturization
but it is not
since after I woke up the next morning
my skin appeared to be very dry
This lotion is not suitable for a cold winter city like toronto I guess
so i still prefer thick texture body lotion
however I would consider purchasing it
if I find it on sale in drug mart
but I would never pay full regular price for this product
because besides the scent,
there is nothing special abt this body lotion
I am not a stranger when it comes to L'occitane hand creams
I have purchased it in the past
also I have tried some of their other products as well
I really love their hand creams
It is one of my favourite hand creams
So I was really excited to try this sample
The smell is mango flower
It provides a really fresh scent,
I think this is perfect for summer
It moisturized my hand very well
I guess because it has shea butter in it
so the hand cream is very thick
and my hand didn't feel dry or anything up to the next day
I would definitely purchase the full size of this mango flower hand cream in spring
I feel like I am writing my favourite product post
since lots empties are truly my all time favourite product
so the fancl mild cleansing oil is my absolute favourite makeup remover
I probably have used up at least 6 bottles of these bad boys
This reminds me of the shu umera makeup remover oil
I only need two pumps to take off all my makeups
and keep in mind that I wear eyeshadows, mascara, foundation,
eye liners, bronzer, blush
and it literally takes off all my makeups
and the formula is very gentle
it doesn't break out my skin
This is the best eye cream
It is from la mer
It's called eye concentrate
I have lots fine lines under my eyes
I tried many eye creams
but it doesn't really do anything
My mom has been using La mer products for years
and she always gets compliment on her skin
so I decided to give a try as well
The smell of this eye concentrate reminds me of cucumbers
so very refreshing I guess
The texture is light surprisingly 
I thought it would be very thick 
It is very easy to absorb into my under eye areas
only a small amount is needed
and after I have used it for two or three weeks
i saw significant improvement 
the fine lines under my eyes have been eased
This is very pricy
so I only get it when I am at duty free shops in the airports
or when holt is having a gift card event
it is definitely worth the investment
I guess this is one of those "you pay what you get" sort of products

Biotherm nettoyant hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse
I usually put this in my shower
The price is very affordable
I think it's around $20 at shoppers drug mart
It lasts a long time
the texture is light green, 
same color as the packaging
It reminds me of tooth paste for some unknown reasons 
the scent is very fresh 
I feel that I am very bad at describing scent..==
anyways it generate lots foams which I love 
however I only use it once a day
because I find that if i use twice a day
it break out my skin
Chloe eau de parfum sample
I love this perfume
It's a girly perfume
very feminine
The scent is very fresh, natural
also it's not too strong, or too light that I gotta spray 5 times
Whenever I use it , 
I feel very feminine and girly
It's a all occasion perfume
actually one of my girlfriends only uses this perfume
and she always smell so lovely
I didn't know she was using Chloe eau de parfum 
until I tried this sample
Also I love perfume samples,
because I always put it in my cosmetic bag
and whenever I want something to cheer me up,
I find my use always reaching for the whatever perfume sample i have in my cosmetic bag
So these are all my empties of the month 
until next time

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