Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine's day outfit

My first fashion related post
this is what I wore on valentine's day
actually on feb 15th
Cuz on feb 14th, 
my boyfriend Mr.D had to go out of town 
so we moved our dinner to the next day
This is my favourite coat this year
My mom got it for me 
It's by a japanese brand called SYL
This coat is oversized 
The stole is from Louis Vuitton 
It's called Stephan Sprouse Leopard stole
I love love this stole
It literally goes with any outfit
The jeans is from J BRAND 
Skinny Leg in the color Noir blue

I guess this year's valentine's day outfit is kinda boring 
I was really busy with some other stuffs 
so didn't have the time and energy to put together a "valentine's day appropriate outfit"
a black pointelle loose fit sweater with a purple tank top inside
a long necklace 
skinny jeans
so my whole outfit was very dark 
so I decided to wear a pair of eye catching shoes
so I chose 
Manolo blahnik Hangisi Satin Pump
So the bag of the day is from 
Roger Vivier
It's called Prismick bag
I wore it like a clutch on valentine's day
Just hide the straps in the bag to make it into a clutch
source:picture is from Roger Vivier Official Web

My arm candies
I don't really take off my three silver bracelets from Tiffany
I usually just add on top of them
On the left is my Hermes Caleche bracelet
it's a simple black bracelet with gold rim
and on the right is my Michael Kors Rose Golden Oversized Chronography Watch
People make fun of me for wearing a huge watch 
but I love everything oversized 

Until next time