Tuesday, 19 February 2013

long weekend outfit

Last weekend was long weekend
I didn't do anything special
just the usual
running errand etc
so I don't usually wear heels 
when I am out getting things done
i find myself move faster if I am in flats
but it's so cold in toronto
so I always wear boots when I am at school or on a normal day I guess
So this is what I wore
as usually 
I was wearing the SLY coat which I got as a gift from my mom
and with Louis Vuitton Stephan Sprouse leopard stole
My red jeans is from Current Elliot
I got it at Las Vegas during my xmas break
It was on sale for $70 USD
the regular price was $200ish USD
I love love this red current elliot jeans
cuz during winter 
I wear lots dark colours
so this add a bit colour to my outfit 
and it's so comfy 
also I think I can wear this pair of jeans all year around
since the shade of this red is not too dark or too light
the boots I was wearing is from Roots
it's called W roll over boot tribe in the colour Africa
I try not to wear ugg anymore
because personally I think they are so ugly 
but I was a ugg fan before
I used to just wear ugg for a whole winter
anyways I wore those thick socks from roots with my boots
the bag I was using is from Celine
small phantom black croc embossed leather

source is from official Roots website
The white silk tank with blue stripe is from Sandro
I don't buy lots sweaters
Usually I shop for summer cloth and wear it with a cardigan 

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend
This week going to be my reading week
besides the studying
I am gonna go to montreal for a few days
until next time

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