Friday, 15 February 2013

Julep Maven February 2013 IT GIRL

 I got my Julep Maven february box today
Frankly, I am not excited at all
I was going to skip february box
because I just don't think Julep nail polish quality is good 
but Julep is giving an extra top coat 
I don't have any top coat nail polish
so that's why I got the february box
I love the packaging for this month
It's gold and black
I usually save all these wrapping papers 
so that I can use it to re-wrap or use it as stuffings
By the way, I got the IT GIRL edition

These are the colors I got for this month

The first one is this ultra light grey color with a bit shimmer in it
It's called rebel

second one is this dark green color with tiny white shimmers 
It's called Marion

The last one is this red color with tiny white shimmers in it
it's called Joan

Now on to the bonus items
First one is the top coat
It comes in this black nail polish bottle

second bonus item is a eyelash curler
I am very excited to try this
not sure if it will work well with my eye lashes

Even tho the theme of this month is "award show"
but there is still a tiny bit valentines day in the box
Julep included a hear shaped chocolate 
I am very happy to see that Julep tries to expand their products toward beauty and makeups
However I don't think I am going to get march box 
cuz the texture of julep nail polish is very "watery"
and the applicator is small 
it's hard to apply
Until next time

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  1. i find the julep polishes hit-or-miss in terms of the formulation... some are too thick, some are too thin, others are just right. :) i am excited to try the eyelash curler too... i hope it works as my eyelashes are so short.